Art Can Create Lives

Use ART in all that you do

Art is the best medium

Art is the best medium to convey visual expression. I’ve always believed in the magic that this field can create in lives for it requires but a brush stroke and you could be God creating new realms. Imagination is one thing that needs to be cultivated for the growth of one’s intellect and what better way to it than painting it out. The innumerable characters that I’ve come across with all the varied artists in the world has always fascinated me and given me the force to always hold Art in a special place. I browse through a lot of work every day trying to gain inspiration from every corner I can.

Emerge as a promising one

This field of Concept Art has started to emerge as a promising one. The various schools online have gained popularity and not only are they reasonably priced they provide as much education as possible with the best facilities. Its one thing to go sit for lectures in a University but it’s an enriching experience altogether to have famous artists around the world take classes for you.

Can build a carreer

The pay for these fields has also been increasing with the average per year good enough to maintain a happy life. The job does not entail as much stress as the rest of fast paced, behind a desk job does. There is also the line of Creative Director which benefits the companies more and helps an individual grow better in creativity. This is where your advertising skills get tested. A lot of big names such as Sony or Nintendo are always on the lookout for exceptionally talented individuals and provide lots of opportunities to hone talent.

Application in video games

I love playing video games and one of the things that pull me in is the graphics. The more intricate the design outlook of the game, the more exciting it is to follow. Behind just one aspect of the game there are many hours that an artist spends trying to achieve satisfactory results but the end product mostly leads to happiness. I could spend hours and hours on a game but not just playing it but mentally separating the designs and gorging on the details. There are many Youtubers also who make videos as their way of earning. They have game play sessions which are followed ardently by a lot of people. It is also one of the most fun ways to spend time.

What I believe as an Artist

I respect every artist who gives in their all towards the Art for it is not easy. It requires patience and diligence to keep working. The frustrations level stays high when some character doesn’t come as acceptable and it can take hours just to hit the spot. Even actors who work hard towards completely being a part of the character are great artists such as Heath Ledger. He kept a diary as Joker and completely immersed himself into the lifestyle of the villain. This is the true worship to the subject and should be prevalent in all artists.

As an artist in States, I’ve realized there are so many opportunities open in this field and there is so much to explore. I’m John Doe and I give my full dedication towards working for something peaceful that this destructive world needs. There is so much violence everywhere, so much hate that we need something to inspire and I believe that is where Art can play a big role.

Art has been transforming from mere cave paintings to canvases on walls that are admired at. There are exhibitions that have just words inscribed on a scroll with people appreciating the work now. Technology has brought a lot of this behind screens and now software like Photoshop, Illustrator has become the new drawing books. Even though traditional ways are the best I believe in advancing with the world and sketching on the screen gives the same pleasure as that on paper. On the brighter side, it saves paper!

I completely believe in myself when I say that my Art can make a difference and I hope after reading this you believe in yourself to. So what are you waiting for? Get back to putting those thoughts into reality. My name is John Doe and I hope that you don’t let the World win against your true talent.