Andrew Russell Garfield became a name that was said out loud around the world in 2012 for a reason. This British American actor, who began his acting career after pursuing a degree in University of London, first grabbed attention in his role as Eduardo Saverin. As an appreciation for the same, he was credited with the Golden Globe award. The reason his popularity rose was because of him bagging one of the worshipped superheroes – ‘Spider Man.’

1. Spiderman was my childhood hero.

As a five year old boy, Garfield had ardently followed Spiderman as his favourite hero. He claimed that he could relate strongly with the character of Peter Parker who had constantly been a source of inspiration for him. Parker, according to him was any other guy on this planet who was highly misunderstood. The man would always self-doubt. There was nothing simple in the way he operated and he was neurotic by nature which Garfield felt in his own personality.

2. On Reel and In Real Relationships.

The actor was infatuated with Emma Stone which was taken notice by the director, Marc Webb. This was one of the main reasons she was cast opposite him. The result was a beautiful chemistry being portrayed naturally on screen between Peter Parker and his love interest Mary Jane. It seemed that they wouldn’t put any efforts to act which made the iconic duo shine.

Garfield as a man is a very lovable personality. He created news when he kissed Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds, during the Golden Globe Awards 2017. Spiderman and Deadpool have had an admiring respect for each other and this little stunt gave him love worldwide. The two are considered to be one of the ‘favourite Bromancefor those who follow the heroes.

3. ‘With great power comes great responsibility.’

He considered it his duty to take the task up as a challenge for an actor and do everything to make it authentic. As an artist, it is important to study every small detail of the character you are portraying as it aids in being an authentic imitation of the same. He educated himself with the movements of athletes so that he could become flexible and that of the spiders so that agility could help him give that typical look. He strictly followed the schedule of Yoga and Pilates to maintain a healthy balance and make his body look great on screen.

There were moths of training before the actual role and even though he was famished by the end of it, there was nothing but adrenaline infused in his veins to start shooting. None of the bruises and wounds scared him but contrary made him pumped up to face each challenge every day. His personal ideology was that a movie character, especially someone as big as Spiderman affects the psyche and he thus worked towards becoming mentally stronger.