Concept Artists work alongside other art enthusiasts in order to give them a vision to follow. Their fields revolve around designing video game features such as weapons to the field of motion picture as well as the digital industry. United States of America has been the hub of various talents being encouraged. There are people who come here from all around the world to pursue whatever suits them.

1. I got my price tag

The highest salaries earned by multimedia artists were in California which is an average of around $84, 590. The place that follows close by is New York which is an average amount of $71,960. The District of Columbia is third with an average of $71,940. Therefore, the top paid artists are in United States which means the life as an artist which is usually tough to live by is not so in a country where their talent is appreciated. As Compared to the belief that artists have the toughest life and have to struggle without any money, these kinds of offers aid with encouraging them to not leave this profession.


2. I don’t have a degree

There are a number of Art Universities such as the University of Art in San Francisco that provide online courses which are cheaper and much more flexible than attending the college. They all focus on sharpening the skills of the students and demanding the best out of all of them. There are various art schools as well that provide training as being a concept artist the most essential thing is the imagination and skills rather than the education. Some examples of such schools are Fengzhu’s school of design, Oatley Academy owned by Chris Oatley etc.


3. What’s your Art scene?

Cities like Las Vegas have been named as places to live in as young artist. There are small features like Emergency arts or coffee shops of even a shared art space that encourage the talent of these budding artists. There is cheap housing available and there has been a growth in the number of galleries present. Portland has been called the ‘next art capital’ as the number of cafes, galleries and art spaces increases in the city day by day. The housing is also affordable. There is even an Art community that resides in the Pearl District of Portland. New Orleans has been entitled the number one city for artists to be in. There is an Art Council which helps fund the artists along with NOMA museum. There is below average rents. There are many hipster art groups on the streets and no lack of art markets and galleries.


4. You’re hired.

A research was conducted by the Creative Industries in the States so as to study the scope and how economically important Arts are in the country. There are around 7702,771 businesses which are based on distributing art related employment. Currently there are 2.9 million people employed in this field. If we break this down then around 3.9 percent of the total U.S. business is Arts and around 1.9 percent are Art employees. The number instigates innovation, competing strength and maintain the equilibrium in Economics. Today, animated movies are made on a large scale and the hub of making is in the United States.

Due to the reason stated above, a Creative Director is essential for the team and thus the designation stays in demand for employees. The pay of a creative director is $97,850 on an average as based on a survey in 2014.