A lot can be said about obsctacles that arists face today, but I think the most important thing is to recognize and appreciate the work you are currently putting your passion in.


PricyHostel.com example

PricyHostel logoThis my prime example of what should be meant as work dedication. I have been doing the Pricy Hostel artwork for quiet some time already and as smooth as it was at beginning, almost at the end of the project I realized the authors wanted it to be named Fake Hostel. Can you believe it? So much passion put into the creation of logos, content and in the end you find out it’s going to be another brand. I was devasted. But then I realized that marketing things are meant to be understood by me, the art will speak itself, right?

BTW. PricyHostel (FakeHostel named by some 😉 is the idea of running a vacancy for travellers around Europe who end up in Czech. The thing is you don’t have to pay any money to stay a night. The exchange of other kind of services is actually truth in it.

Arts is inclusive of various types of creative fields under its umbrella. And while prosperity is relative and audience preferences are subjective, it cannot be denied that years of practice and hard work is required to master one’s art. Artists who undertake formal education to enhance their abilities often end up spending tons of money on their courses with no guarantee of success. Commercialization of the arts has restricted artistic sensibilities and expression that has resulted in an efflux of mediocre work in the markets. Regardless of the kind of artist an individual is, these are the kinds of threats that are universal to all:


As the world has progressed towards technological advancement and economy booms, unfortunately, the conservative thought and ideology have also intensified all around the world. Most people take offence at the drop of a hat, and that serves as an immense risk for artists. Censorship restricts artistic freedom and creativity. Due to this upsurge in the support of curbing creative expression, the arts community has been labelled and judged. A difference of opinion concerning the message depicted in any artwork has triggered innumerable conflicts in the past, some even escalating to violence. Agreeable or not, it is a general liberal view that the creative world must never be silenced.


Being an artist is not just a full-time commitment, but it also becomes a way of life. One of the key evils of a capitalist world is the commercialization of artistic expression. The competition in the field is tremendous, and it takes years and years of networking for an artist to establish oneself. During this phase, the inflow of wealth is miniscule, sometimes not even enough to sustain their lives. An individual may have to take up other jobs to support oneself and keep working on their art analogously.

Work Security

More often than not, an artist is torn between being true to their work and the commercial demand for it. They are looked at as crusaders of the social good and have immense pressure to live up to the market expectations of how their work should be. Selling art is no different from any other type of business, and if the artist does not deliver, it is the client’s whim to move onto other artists. As the market for art is diminutive, the supply exceeding the demand by leaps and bounds, an artist is constantly concerned about work security.



Making any piece of art requires a lot of time and focused energies. With the inflow of money being insignificant in the early years, artists resort to other jobs to feed themselves. This constrains the time dedicated to working on their pieces. Such situations are extremely tricky to handle, and time management becomes a struggle. A lot of times, artists find it difficult to stick to deadlines due to draining work hours. This is a huge concern, as more often than not, brilliant artists and creative individuals give up on their passion and take up mundane jobs to maintain some financial security.