As Concept Art gains popularity, a number of artists have started putting up their art on their own websites or general ones. They gain popularity through this and also place their Art out there for the world to see. Art has moved on from its long journey of being hieroglyphs on the caves in Egypt to the nature muse of Romantics to the abstractions of Picasso, with innumerable transitions in the middle. Five of the greatest Concept Art Websites are as follows:

This is one of the most famous websites that have a number of artists frequently updating the characters they have worked on. They put up the Art and other people can like and comment on them. There is also a feature of ‘watch’ which lets an individual keep track of their favourites.

Robert Chew [crazyasian1] is a development artist who illustrates animals as robots. The series that he became famous for is known as the ‘The Big Five’ which is based in the future. The people who fight for the anti-poaching activities are helped by these mechanical robots that range from rhinos to lions and even to vultures.

Another deviant artist is Dave Melvin [Davesrightmind] who is a designated instructor in one of the famous Art Universities – Academy of Art University, San Francisco. The creatures that he makes like ‘Split Personality’ are fantastical in nature while others seem as if they have been dragged out from the future. This is the future where bio technology has advanced to a point where new organic beings are being created.

One of her works that has surged to fame is ‘Bioshock: Infinite’ where she showcases a series of Disney Princess and her perception of how they would look historically. This contains a wide variety of princess from Aurora to Belle to Ariel, to name a few. Her focus lies completely on producing fan art or showcasing the design work she creates in her profession. Her fans look forward to seeing something original from her in the future.

He has worked with Justin Sweet on famous projects such as Narnia, Thor and so on. Currently they are collaborating to make a book to contain the realm of the fantasy they have created together. It is titled ‘The Art of Eclipse: The Well and the Black Sea’. The themes that are covered in this revolve around shepherds and kings. There are objects like a well, a horn, a river of bones and so on that give an intriguing feel to the picture as a whole.

As the name suggests this website has a world of its own. If you land on to this site the fellow surfer you’ll be in for a delight of Artistic treasure. There is a home page, a page where one can look through a number artists who put up their work online, a news page where there is current news of the Art world, a Books page where there are a variety of books to surf through and an inspiration page for the ones that are dealing with a block. This website has it all.

Simon Stalenhag has the ability to make his art look like it can be converted into a movie scene. He’s a Sweden based Concept Artist. It’s an amalgamation of the great machines and the Sweden of ten years ago. The technology seems as if it is decaying and it has unique elements such a dinosaur passing by them.

This is the time to go and explore a realm which will definitely transport you. If you have a block and are on the lookout for some inspiration, these sites are the right places to be at.