Concept Art

Concept art can be described as a tool, which is used to illustrate the ideas for the creators with the help of graphics designed through several iterations. One has to go through all the possible solutions before finalising the design which accurately depicts the idea to the user.

Concept Art is also popularly used to show the rate at which the work is being done as well as the amount of work completed, in order to showcase the work to the higher authorities in an articulate manner and eloquent manner.              

The Idea – Anal4K 

Anal4K – made with love and original idea of internal creampies.

Everything in digital arts start with an idea, this brilliant thought that grew in your head. This is the case with Anal4K series that launched just right now in February of 2021. It’s definitive source of internal creampies done right in the backdoors and while it’s strictly for adults it’s something you need to see. Made in 4K quality you can be sure to enjoy all the little details. And boy, aren’t these girls gorgeous?!

Use Of Concept Art In Video Games

  • Video games are a sum of sophisticated programmes, which are made up by the building blocks of images and graphics that behaves as the units as well as a whole, which runs the games. These images and graphics are initially designed and analysed with the help of concept art.
  • It is used as a tool that helps the designer to work step by step and assess whether his work is going in the right direction.
  • The designers initially make rough sketches and after these sketches get finalized, the designer starts the works to give life to these sketches with the help of these tools and performs all the necessary changes which makes the designs look perfect for their role. Therefore, it is the primitive step for all these attractive and sophisticated video games.

Tools Used For Concept Art

Though it may seem easy to formulate a basic idea behind a game, but the process involved in converting the idea into digital form requires a huge amount of work to be done.

As a designer one cannot stick to only one or two basic software or tools, he should be versatile in handling multiple software, so that he can bring the most out of the character using his skills and tools of his design.

There are a number of software available in the market that enables you make concept arts. We have researched and chosen some basic and easily available software in the market for you to start your work without wasting time on researching on number of tools.

Sketchbook pro

This is used for 2-D designing and is basically good for learners as it is less expensive as compared to the other software available in the field.


This is a high-end software which is used to create both 2-D and 3-D graphic models. And this used in industries where graphics play a major role in many parts of the process. It is very flexible, and a lot of new features can be added to it as per requirement of the user.


It is generally used by the artists who usually work on traditional media because it helps them to give a painting type graphics. Its platform is easy to understand and work.


It is mostly used in gaming industries where 3-D modelling and animations are required. It is expensive and only a skilled person can handle it. It is a very powerful tool as it has a large variety of tools and the designer should be familiar with all of its functions as it will help him to meet with the design requirements.

Concept art is widely used in many fields like in science fiction and fantasy movies and in many other. It is also used in making various advanced graphics video games which uses 3-D graphics to make them look very realistic.

It is highly complex and requires a lot of practice as it is the main functioning unit of all the gaming industries which help them to build such high end and attractive games which are available in the market at a cost which helps in making a huge profit to all these gaming industries and entertaining the public.

Learning concept art opens the pandora box of hundreds of opportunities that lie in the video game and other industries, the world is quickly tilting towards the use of more and more graphic oriented products and services for the consumers.