The continuously advancing technology has evolved games into as far as being three-dimensional with millions of people following the upgrades enthusiastically. For some this is a method of daily earning while for others it is a getaway from the stress working creates. The graphics of a game plus the user-friendly movement is what makes it slip into the popularity charts. Currently, the majestic games in demand are as follows:

1. Torment: Tides of Numenera

This is a character driven based RPG set which is based in Monte Cook’s land called Numenera. The game throws the player back one billion years into the future where the fantasy land of science is set. There is a Ninth World which over the years due to the decomposition of the bones of the eight advanced civilization got built. The gamer has to make a number of choices for the benefit of own, face the dangerous consequences and even meet an incarnation of death. The release happened on 28th February 2017. The published is Techland while the developers are InXile Entertainment. It has been marked as M due to the blood, language and violence.

2. FIFA 17

This was released on 27th September 2016 and as has been the case with the whole series, it also gained popularity immediately. This is for the first time that FIFA has the feature of a live story where the gamer is the Premier’s League’s rising star – Alex Hunter. As the franchise calls, one can play as any club and alongside the famous managers. It has been designed with the help of players like Marcus Rashford , Harry Kane and Anthony Martial. The whole process of the game development took two years.

3. Titanfall 2

This can be played as a single or a multiplayer. It is a unique adventure mode where with single Titans or combination of them along with deadly weapons makes the game journey enthralling. The gamer is an infantryman who has been caged behind the enemy frontier. The game demands development under fire so as to grow as a highly skilled pilot. The release date of the game was 28th October 2016. It’s a first-person genre which was designed by Todd Alderman and developed under Respawn Entertainment.

4. Thumper

This is what in gaming terminology is called a ‘rhythm violence’ game which was developed by the team at Drool. The release date was 10th October. It is a fantasy realm where a beetle in the space needs to be guided. The player has the duty to dodge obstacles while hitting the correct notes present on the track. This is done in time with the background music. Each level gets faster and faster. The levels are broken into segments which show the player at the end of it how they fared. There is only one life of the beetle. The game has received critical success. The graphics are approved and the rhythm action is the much spoken about topic.

5. Sid Meier’s Civilization VI

This is the sixth title in the Civilization series which has been developed under Firaxis Games and published by the big name 2K Games. The release date was 21st October 2016. The aim of the gamer is to lead the civilization from the earliest settlement into the modern world where the tyrannical politics begins. This is domination over world, technology or even military, the overtaking of humans as well as machines altogether. This is done through finding and improving on new cities, deploying military attacks that lead to wars, engaging in trade etc. Basically, it entails trying to survive in a realistic world as much as possible.

All these games are highly engaging and make the experience worth going through again and again. They aren’t over the budget as well. The companies that have developed them have been in the market for years and guarantee absolute quality. If you are a gaming freak, do not hesitate to try anyone of them.