Andrew Russell Garfield became a name that was said out loud around the world in 2012 for a reason. This British American actor, who began his acting career after pursuing a degree in University of London, first grabbed attention in his role as Eduardo Saverin. As an appreciation for the same, he was credited with the Golden Globe award. The reason his popularity rose was because of him bagging one of the worshipped superheroes – ‘Spider Man.’

1. Valve

This company was established in 1996 by two of the ex-Microsoft employees. The organization has games like Counter Strike, Left 4 Dead. Dota 2 under its name. Dota 2 was initially being developed as a mod for Warcraft III. Valve has its own digital distribution platform which was established in the year 2002. Currently it has offers for more than 4000 games. The number of users has also increased to around 100 million. It has been entitled as the top PC game company in the world.

2. Nintendo EAD

This is an iconic name that mostly all gamers are aware of. Nintendo Entertainment and Analysis Divisions come from the tech world of Kyoto and Tokyo and Japan. The team is internal and a group of developers who have done their best to constantly evolve gaming experience for the world. Names such as Hideki Konno, Takashi Tezuka, Eiji Aonuma etc have been connected with the company. The games that have been produced are still in popular demands such as the Super Mario series, The Legend of Zelda.

3. Blizzard Entertainment

The original name of the company was Silicon & Synapse and it became Blizzard in the year 1994. The games accredited under this are Warcraft I and II, Starcraft as well as which is an online match-making service. It’s interesting to know that the sequels produced by the company have been in more demand than the originals. World of Warcraft is a record holding game which has had the most number of subscribers and is the popular MMORPG.

4. Bethesda Game Studios

The game Elder Scroll Series was developed by this company which is located in Bethesda, Maryland. It was established in the year 1986. The popularity of the game which is in the fifth edition now as Skyrim has even led to this having its own card game. The genres that this company best works for are sports and action. The trademark game though was when it took over the rights of Fallout series and has converted it into a 3D series. Due to their user-friendly interface and intricate graphics, the users get to experience a different realm of its own. Another game famous from the company is ‘Dishonoured’.

5. Rockstar Games

Ever heard of the game Grand Theft Auto? The popularity of that game is phenomenal. Rockstar Games go hand in hand with GTA. This was due to the messy corporate deals, the forced mergers and acquisitions. The game was first developed by a Scottish Company DMA Design which later changed its name to Rockstar North in 2002 and is a part of Rockstar’s development studios. Some of the top games are Max Payne, L.A. Noire other than GTA.

Over the years these companies have gained a lot of popularity and their games are all legendary. These are still the top industries in the world with constant high sales and demands.